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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

A Sampling of Ontario Fibres

Julia Lee

Equipment List

o Spinning wheel in working order with at least 3 bobbins and a lazy kate OR 3 drop spindles with an improvised lazy kate to hold 2 spindles for plying;
o Hand carders (fine teeth would be best);
o A dark, unpatterned lap cloth;
o 2 pieces of cardstock (8.5x11” cut in half lengthwise to yield 4 pieces) with about 10 holes punched down one long side;
o Writing materials.
o Note: participants will also need the package of fibres supplied by the instructor.

Workshop Description

Participants will receive a package containing about 6 different protein fibres, all grown and prepared in Ontario by our local community. You are likely to see a couple of types of wool along with alpaca, mohair, and angora. Julia will introduce you to each fibre individually, discuss its characteristics and advantages, and lead you through the necessary steps to help you spin it successfully. After spinning small samples of each fibre, participants will plan and create some fibre blends and consider a suitable use for them. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion throughout the session. Participants will need a functioning spinning wheel or suspended spindle. Hand carders or fine wool combs would be helpful but are not essential.

Teacher Bio

Julia Lee is a dyer, spinner, knitter, teacher, and wannabe weaver working in Toronto and Haliburton. Julia graduated from the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners’ Spinning Certificate course in 2000, and is now a coordinator and instructor for that program. Founder of Provenance Yarns and Textiles and a member of Upper Canada Fibreshed and the Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers, she promotes and uses Ontario-grown fibres in her work and in Provenance’s monthly Fibre Club subscriptions. She teaches spinning at her home studio, spins on commission – often turning clients’ pet fur into beautiful yarn to create lasting mementos, and completes knitted garments for clients. For her own projects, she knits or weaves her handspun yarn into elegant or whimsical creations: garments, home textiles, and knitted tapestries.

Fibre List

Please order your fibre kit from the instructor as instructed below.

The fibre kit costs $20 + $16 mailing = $36.00. They can order their kits by emailing The last date for ordering kits is Monday, May 16

Participants can pay by e-transfer or PayPal to

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