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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Getting the Most Out Of Your Drum Carder

Roy Clemes

Equipment List

Drum Carder

Workshop Description

Drum carders are a more versatile tool than most people realize, being capable of creating multiple styles of both woolen and semi-worsted preparation. Unlock your (and your drum carder’s) potential in this action-packed fiber prep primer for beginners and seasoned fiber artists.

Teacher Bio

Roy grew up in his family’s woodshop and has spent the last decade focused on making small batch, artisanal fiber art equipment with an emphasis on fiber preparation tools. He is president of the largest sheep and wool show in California, where he resides with his wife, their toddler son, two puppies, and two sheep.

Fibre List

Please order your fibre kit from the instructor as instructed below.

Please order your fibre kit through their site and it will be shipped to you.

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