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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Making Friends with Your Spinning Wheel

Elana Goodfellow

Equipment List

A working spinning wheel, either people powered or an e-spinner. Also some post-it notes or flags.

Workshop Description

Understanding how your wheel operates and what it excels at is directly related to the success and the pleasure of a spinner. Many spinners abandon spinning particular yarns on their wheel or e-spinner due to frustration with operating their wheel or e-spinner. I would like to present a workshop on the drive systems and tensioning systems of different wheels and e-spinners and discuss what each excels at. My goal is to take away the frustration and stress that the attendees have when using their wheels and rekindle the joyful experience of making yarn.

Teacher Bio

Elana Goodfellow has been hand spinning for twelve years. During that time she attained her Master Spinner Certification from Olds College. Elana is motivated by the craft and art of the past and creates modern work using old methods but expressing contemporary ideas. Instead of nostalgia, this allows those of us in the present to connect with our collective past and creates a continuum moving into the future. The past, the present, the future. As one.


Fibre List

This workshop does not require a specific kit. You are welcome to source the materials from your stash or local fibre supplier.

200g of unspun roving or top of your choice for doing the exercises.

Approximately a 5 metre length of hand-spun single spun by you. Wrap this around a tube such as a paper towel or a toilet paper roll. This will be a reference for you and won’t be reviewed in class.

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