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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Taking the Stress Out of Spinning

Rebecca Lamperd

Equipment List

Spinning wheel OR 2 or 3 spindles of differing weights and sizes. The finer the yarn you will be spinning, the lighter the spindle will be.
Lazy kate for bobbins or spindles (shoebox spindles work just fine for spindles)
Handcards or combs or blending board or hackles – whatever your favourite tool for blending and mixing fibres is. If you don’t have any blending tools, don’t fret about it, we will blend with our hands.
Ball winder if you have one
Spinner’s control card or wraps per inch gauge or small ruler
Pen/pencil for taking notes

Workshop Description

Tips and tricks to spin what you want, using your stash, some tools and charts and a sense of humour. We will look at spinning for the sake of spinning, how to throw some of your fibre and yarn stash together to rescue it, and how not taking ourselves so seriously all the time will bring joy to spinning. (Wheel focused, transferrable to spindle. Both methods will be demonstrated.)

Teacher Bio

Rebecca has a small Shetland sheep farm in Kawartha Lakes and is pursuing a long-time dream of writing. She is a graduate of the OHS Spinning Certificate Program, has been teaching spinning for six years, writes the Spinning Wheel column in Fibre Focus, and has written for Ply Magazine. A spinner for over 25 years, she enjoys the relaxing rhythm of fibres slipping through her fingers

Fibre List

This workshop does not require a specific kit. You are welcome to source the materials from your stash or local fibre supplier.

Please note that participants are encouraged to plan for and bring their own materials for this workshop so each can work with their favourite fibres. This is a great time to dig into your stash and see what you have.

Several colours of braids/rovings/clouds of your favourite fibres from your stash. Be adventurous and don’t censor yourself

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