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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Spinning a Rainbow of Yarns (inspired by the 12-step Colour Wheel)

Barb Fawcett

Making Friends with Your Spinning Wheel

Elana Goodfellow

A Sampling of Ontario Fibres

Julia Lee

Stress and Relaxation: the Yin and Yang of Well-being

Lisa Murray

Spinning to Weave - tips and tricks for success

Nina Bates

Getting the Most Out Of Your Drum Carder

Roy Clemes

Taking the Stress Out of Spinning

Rebecca Lamperd

Supported Spindling: Getting Started & Finding Joy in Being “Learner” Again

Rachel Smith

Spinning Thread for Meaningful Stitching

Sarah Wroot

Live Workshops

 Would you like to also take one of our live hands-on, workshops?  This year they are an enhancement feature available for an additional fee of $35.00/workshop.  Choose to participate in one of our 9 diverse, two hour workshops!  Register early (April 2 to 30) as there are limited spaces so be sure to sign up fast!

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