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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Beth Abbott

A Spinning Life: I never dreamed...

A commentary on my spinning life from the time I purchased a spindle from a guild sale to travel, more learning, teaching, publishing a book and all the community of spinning friends I have picked up along the way.



Beth Abbott started spinning in 1975 with a spindle she purchased at a Kingston Handweavers and Spinners sale. Spinning became a part of her life as she joined the local Kingston Guild, continued to learn as she earned a Master Spinner Certificate from Georgian College in 1990, taught and travelled and finally published a book from her In-depth study in 2002. Beth continues to learn and teach and is still a member of her local guild. She attended her first Seminar in 1976, was active on the committee and the board, and is still attending as a teacher and a participant.

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