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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Laura Sharpe

Meet the Sheep & Shepherdess at Twin Oaks Farm

A video farm tour, filmed in several sessions, that will show you some of the various seasons on a local fibre farm. You will see shearing, skirting fleeces, lambing, an interview with the shepherdess and more!



Laura is the shepherdess at Twin Oaks Farm. She began knitting about 8 years ago and dabbles in spinning and natural dyeing. The family-owned farm is just outside of Guelph Ontario where they raise sheep, beef cows, horses, and chickens. The original flock of Romney sheep was purchased in 2016. Since then, BFL and some Finn and Rambouillet have been added in. The sheep are raised mainly for fibre and the fleeces yield a long stapled, soft, well crimped fibre. Twin Oaks Farm is committed to providing excellent animal welfare by ensuring our sheep are healthy, comfortable, well nourished, safe, and able to express innate behavior. All the yarns are non-super wash and our yarns, rovings and products are milled and made in Canada. You can find our products at and fibre fairs like Woolstock, KW Knitters Fair and Fibre Forge events.

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