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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Angela Whyte

Self-Supported Spinning: Getting Out Of Our Own Ways

Do you have a hard time starting a project, or finishing a project? Do you have great ideas for designs but worry they aren't "good enough"? Are there new skills you'd like to try, but it seems intimidating? Do you have an ...interesting... relationship with perfectionism? So many of us do! There are so many times that self-doubt will stop us from growing where we want to go. There are so many different ways we can look at creativity that can support us rather than slowing us down. In this presentation I'll talk a little bit about our relationship with perfection, how that can help and how that can harm us, and a few different ways of approaching creativity that can feel less potentially overwhelming.



Angela has been exposed to spinning from a very young age, and finally started on their own spinning journey about a decade ago. They thought that they were going to spin yarn for knitting. As it turns out, Angela can't knit that fast, so there is a lot of pretty yarn in baskets in their space!

As a creative person and a recovering people-pleaser and perfectionist Angela understands many ways we get in our own way. As a Transfomational Life Coach, Angela helps their clients build confidence and self-compassion to step bravely into an intentional life of their own choosing.

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