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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Beth Abbott

Treat Yourself to Something Special

What is "special"? Discussion of what a "special" fibre might mean. Spinning for the soul means enjoying the process from beginning to end. Spinning for the sheer pleasure of the process. Choosing a special fibre, preparation if necessary, choosing a project, spinning for the project, keeping consistency, finishing, and producing the item. Fibres discussed will be fine exotics such as cashmere, qiviut, camel down, fine wool, dyed wool roving, etc.



Beth Abbott started spinning in 1975 with a spindle she purchased at a Kingston Handweavers and Spinners sale. Spinning became a part of her life as she joined the local Kingston Guild, continued to learn as she earned a Master Spinner Certificate from Georgian College in 1990, taught and travelled and finally published a book from her In-depth study in 2002. Beth continues to learn and teach and is still a member of her local guild. She attended her first Seminar in 1976, was active on the committee and the board, and is still attending as a teacher and a participant.

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