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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Van Waffle

Where We Spin

Places can nourish the soul: indoor and outdoor, country and city, real and virtual, at home, or in travel. Instead of letting lockdowns knock you down, find inspiration, nourishment, and community wherever you are.

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I am a hermit. Lockdowns provide the perfect excuse to stay home. I enjoy a comfortable home office with easy access to a city park and woods. Since the pandemic, I have found it easier to make time for creative projects. But over time isolation has stressed everyone. We have had to give up cherished activities like travel and meeting in-person. We must pay more attention to our immediate environments, especially our own homes. This tuning-in has creative benefits. Join me in talking to several noted handspinners about how they rely on places for inspiration, nourishment, and community.



Van Waffle is a freelance writer, naturalist and photographer. He lives in Waterloo, Ontario, with his partner, knitwear designer Danny Ouellette. Van has been spinning since 2012, mostly small items, but two larger projects are currently underway.

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