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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Blending and Spinning Dog Fur

Julia Lee

In addition to exploring a selection of provided dog fur types, participants are invited to bring fur to share — longer-coated breeds preferred! We will explore the difference between brushed and clipped fur, consider their characteristics, and experiment with different blending fibres (wool, silk, etc.) to create several blends that might be appropriate for a range of end uses.

Workshop Description

Bring the following: Working spinning wheel with fast flyer if possible (ratio approx. 12:1), several bobbins, lazy kate, hand carders (ideally fine, approx. 120 tpi).
Optional: Dog fur, brushed or clipped.

Instructor Bio

Julia Lee is a dyer, spinner, knitter, teacher, mender, and weaver who lives in Toronto and sometimes Haliburton. She graduated from the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners’ Spinning Certificate course in 2000 and is now a coordinator and instructor for that program in Haliburton. Founder of Provenance Yarns and Textiles, Julia teaches spinning both one-on-one and at workshops around Ontario. She also spins on commission—often turning clients’ pet fur into beautiful custom yarns to create lasting mementos. Dedicated to encouraging fellow fibre artists to keep their carbon footprint small, Julia promotes and uses Ontario-grown fibres in her work and in Provenance’s monthly Fibre Club subscriptions. Julia knits or weaves her natural-fibre yarns into elegant or whimsical creations: garments, home textiles, and knitted tapestries. As the OHS Spinning Education Chair, Julia is active in creating a range of learning opportunities for spinners.

Saturday Morning

Workshop Schedule

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