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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

Selecting and Spinning Fibres for Lace

Megan Cleland

In this session, we will review and select fibres most suitable for spinning lace-weight yarns. We will take those fibres or blends and discuss lace spinning techniques. Learn how to set up your bobbin and wheel to successfully achieve yarns that can be knit into lace.

Workshop Description

Bring the following: Spinning wheel, carders or flicker, dog comb.

Instructor Bio

Megan has a passion for all things fibre and her love of knitting began at age 8. She learned to spin on an Ashford wheel after moving to a sheep farm in Australia in 1999 and she advanced her skills studying with the Canberra Hand Spinners Guild. Megan has taken many classes including a 4-day course with New Zealand spinner Margaret Stove, where she learned how to choose the best fibres for projects and how to design and knit lace.
Megan began to combine her love of portraiture and needle felting in 2008. Using wool and other fibres to create realistic portraits and landscapes has been a natural progression from watercolour and pastel with exciting results. Megan has recently started felting onto canvas after painting background details with acrylic paint. It allows the felt to shine and pop out of the piece.

Saturday Afternoon

Workshop Schedule


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