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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

EcoWool Canada

Jennifer Osborn

Mostly Mohair & Pine Hollow Farm

Allison Brown

Shepherd's Hill

Grace Clare

Treasures from Andie

Turnings By Jim

Jim Wright

Viscount Wood Turning

Scott Thorburn

Gaynor Homestead

Brendan Farr-Gaynor

Les Belles Bouclettes

Isabelle Perdigal

Maple Glen Angoras/Ontario Angora Co-Op

Lena Maunder

Story Made Yarns

Alexis Hoy

Twin Pines Alpacas

Barbara Bunker

Meraki Family Farm

Pauleen Cusack & Soeren Striepe

Santosha Fibreworks & Farm

Rebecca Lamperd

T&K Fibres and More

Jane & Will Elliott

Muriel Lee

Amaranth Fibres

Morgan Gerrard & Dominic Dowson

Black Lamb

Laurie Goldiuk


Laurie harkin-Chiasson

Fatima Dias

Fatima Dias

Fleece to Fabric

Caitlin Heilig

Leo & Roxy

Jolyn Gardner

Linc Farms

Juliet Orazietti

Rovings & Wraps

Eileen Land

Fibre Craft

Saira Jan

Past Vendors

Listed below are the vendors who joined us this year.  Many of the vendors and fibre-producers operate their fibre businesses year round.  Their websites are linked below for your shopping pleasures.  Or you can send them an email, just click on their name.  Our vendors are an important partner in our spinning community in Ontario.  We hope that you will reach out and support our small, local fibre producers and/or businesses between Seminars.

Seminar 2024 | Sales Room & Vendors

Booth space is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-included basis. Vendor space is adjacent to the Friday night spin-in. We will supply vendors with the workshop details to help fine-tune your offerings, as well as the vendor-related results of our 2023 survey. To ensure that you’re on the mailing list for vendors to receive more information about our marketplace opportunity, contact the Salesroom Convenor, Margo Murley, at

If you are in need of a parking pass you can purchase one here

There is still room for more vendors Register HERE

2024 Vendors

Birchgrove Farms

Jason Koivisto

EcoWool Canada

Jennifer Osborn

Farfelu Fibreworks

Shannon Carter

Field & Fleece

Lindsey Weber

Lickety Spit Fibres

Melinda Ramsay

Mostly Mohair & Pine Hollow Farm

Allison Brown

Piper's Knits

Justin Oberholzer

Shepherd's Hill

Grace Clare

The Olive Sparrow

Monika Aebischer

Treasures from Andie

Turnings By Jim

Jim Wright

Twin Oaks Farm

Laura Sharpe

Viscount Wood Turning

Scott Thorburn

Wellington Fibres

Donna Hancock
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