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Ontario Handspinning Seminar

The Ontario Handspinner's Research Scholarship

The Ontario Handspinning Seminar Inc. has funds available for an annual Scholarship to be awarded and used for the exploration and development of new techniques, equipment and/or related research of interest to handspinners and dyers.  A specific plan of study must be included with the application.  Recipients are required to share the results of their experience with the participants of an Ontario Handspinning Seminar within three years of receipt of the scholarship.  Those interested are encouraged to apply before the January 31st deadline.

Recipients & Topics

2015 Jules Hojnowski, Maori Weaving
2012 Kitt Fisher, Natural Dyes (Maiwa)
2001 Bridget Lewis, Morrocan Dyes
2000 Harriet Boon, Medieval Dyes in the Low Countries
1995 Tricia Weatherston, Shetland Yarn, Colours and Using a Knitting Machine for Fair Isle Designs
1993 Dee Burnlees

Re-Inspired Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to allow the individual to further their education and knowledge of handspinning in order to re-inspire them in their craft. This is to be accomplished by attending a workshop, class or course which pertains to spinning or dyeing handspun fibre or other related areas. A cash award of up to $250.00 will be given to the successful applicant. The applicant must send their application to the secretary of the Board of directors at by January 31st, a description of the intended course or workshop they would like to take and a description of what they hope to learn from it. The recipient is required to share the results of the experience with the participants of The Ontario Handspinning Seminar within 2 years of receipt of the scholarship. This can be done by a short oral presentation or visual display in a format in which they are comfortable.


The Ontario Handspinning Seminar organization has developed two different scholarships; the Ontario Handspinner's Research Scholarship and the Re-Inspired Scholarship.  They are both outlined below.

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